richard brautigan

dwarf knight

once upon a time there was a dwarf knight who only had fifty words to live in and they were so fleeting that he only... Read More
September 2016


“i don’t have any eggs,” he said aloud to himself – he was still sitting on the couch. he was very surprised by the revelation.... Read More
March 2014


the amazing thing about lee mellons teeth is their strange and constantly moving placement in the many and varied dentures those poor teeth briefly get... Read More
March 2014

finding something

finding something is just losing something else. – richard brautigan
March 2014
Crushed // Melon
  1. Crushed // Melon
  2. Heavy Wait // Melon
  3. Hello Boys // Melon
  4. Why I Hate the Sixties // Melon
  5. Spearhead // Melon
  6. Sheila // Melon
  7. Saturday Girl // Melon
  8. Park and Ride // Melon
  9. Now I know // Melon
  10. My Crap Life // Melon